How to reset Electrolux washing machine independently and quickly?

Electrolux washing machine, like any other appliance, tends from time to time to “hang,” that is, to stop working for no apparent reason, and sometimes in the middle of the program. As a result, this intermediate state cannot be stopped in any way, except to reset the Electrolux washing machine. Whether there is a special key or a combination of buttons to reset the program, and how to reset Electrolux washing machine, let’s understand.

How to reset Electrolux washing machine

If you look in the manual of any washing machine manufactured by Electrolux. It will become obvious that the issue of restarting is not raised there, i.e., there is no special key or combination of keys for restarting the machine.

How to reset Electrolux washing machine

You need to use the usual algorithm: hold the “on/off” key, wait for the machine to turn off, and then turn it on again. Most system failures are eliminated at this stage of the factory reset. If this approach does not help, you should reboot the machine by pulling the power cord from the socket for a quarter of an hour. Then you only need to reconnect the power cord to the mains and start it up again.

How to reset Electrolux washing machine: other options

  • Press and hold the Dryness and Temperature buttons simultaneously for about six seconds, or until a beep sounds. To reset the Electrolux washing machine.
  • Factory reset. Turn on your Electrolux washing machine, then simultaneously push and hold the Spin Speed and Soil buttons until a beep sounds. This will reset the machine to its factory settings.
How to reset Electrolux washing machine

Diagnostic mode Electrolux washer

  1. Turn off the appliance tech.
  2. Press and hold the START/PAUSE buttons and the nearest OPTION button at the same time.
  3. While holding both buttons, turn the instrument on by turning the program selector one position clockwise.
  4. Continue holding the button until the LEDs start flashing (at least 2 seconds).

In the first position, the cycle checks the operation of the buttons and the corresponding LEDs. If you turn the selector clockwise, the cycle runs diagnostics for the various components and reads the error codes.

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Exiting Diagnostic Mode: To exit Diagnostic Mode, the appliance tech must be turned off, on, and off again.

Errors that cause Electrolux washing machines to malfunction

Electrolux washing machine are quite “smart” and, in most cases, give the error code correctly. It is up to the user to decipher it correctly and eliminate the problem. In 90% of cases, this way, the problem of hang-ups is eliminated. So, what error codes on Electrolux SMs may you encounter? You can also find out what to do with your Samsung dryer if it doesn’t work.

Common Electrolux washing machine error codes

01/EA1; E02/EA2/E04/EA4; EA5. Any of the presented combinations on your display indicates that the machine cannot rotate the drum. In the first case, this may be due to a torn or frayed drive belt. The problem is solved by checking, tensioning, or replacing the belt accordingly. In the second case, the cause is a malfunction of the sensor or the drum parking device; accordingly, it is necessary to check what is wrong with it. Finally, EA5 indicates that the electronic control unit is malfunctioning, which should also be checked.

E03 Water is not being heated. This may be due to either a failure of the heating element itself or a failure of its relay. First, check the relay and replace it if necessary. If the relay is faulty, then the boost heater itself must be replaced.

EA6. In this case, the machine, for some reason, cannot start washing (data on the rotation of the drum is not received for 30 seconds). Perhaps the machine has not completely closed the door lock. You can try to open and close the hatch and start the program again. Sometimes the culprit can again be the drive belt, which again needs to be either tensioned or replaced. Such an error can occur again due to a failure in the self-positioning system of the drum. Inspection and replacement of the device can solve the problem.

E13. Water has been detected in the washing machine tray. There can be only one cause: damage to the housing of the washing machine. The only solution is to call a technician to inspect the housing and possibly repair it.

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E20/E21/C2 for several models. The Electrolux washing either does not drain water at all after washing, or it does, but not completely. Probable causes: malfunction of the drain pump; clogging of the drain system; malfunction of the control module. Possible solutions: check the correct operation of the drain pump (the impeller must move freely in reverse) and activate draining. Rule out a clogged drain in the system by careful inspection of the drain hose, and repair or replace the control module if the previous measures have not helped.

E23. Water drainage error. Most often, it is caused by the burnout of the triac of the electronic board. In this case, only a replacement of the triac will help you.

E24. Also, malfunctions when draining water are associated with a broken contact between the pump and the pump circuit. You can check the wiring and replace the faulty sections or the whole wiring.

E31. According to the instructions, this error can occur at any stage of the washing machine’s operation. At the same time, when trying to open the hatch door, nothing will work. The reasons may be the following: the door lock is not tight, the button on the control panel is stuck, the contact between the locking device and the board is broken, or the electronic controller fails. Possible solutions: check whether foreign objects do not interfere with the closing of the hatch; make sure that the buttons are pressed normally. It is also necessary to make sure that the humidity level in the room is not exceeded, which can lead to contact failure.

If none of the above helped to eliminate problems with washing machine freezing, the matter lies in a larger breakdown. For your washing machine to carry out normal operation, you need to contact a specialist. You can also find out more information on how to reset Electrolux washing machine.

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