Samsung washer wont drain water: common causes and solutions

You turned on the machine as usual; the program started but never finished. Samsung is stuck on the wash with water and does not drain it. Perhaps the error codes 5E, E2, or 5C are burning on the screen. Samsung washer wont drain? What happened to your washing machine, and why is there water left in the drum? Let’s learn together how to drain water properly in your Samsung washing machine.

Samsung washer not draining water: what you can do yourself

Not always does the lack of drainage signal a breakdown. Often, such behavior in the machine is caused by trifling malfunctions.

Samsung washer wont drain

Let’s proceed from the fact that this malfunction you will eliminate on your own. Below, we will list all the possible reasons why the washing machine stopped draining water. So, here are the 10 main conditions affecting water drainage in Samsung.

Main causes of failure:

  1. Clogs in the spigots and hoses.
  2. Blockage in the trap.
  3. Burned-out drain pump
  4. No contact in the electrical wiring
  5. Failure to load Samsung washer.
  6. Clogged filter catcher.
  7. Overload of laundry.
  8. Faulty heating element.
  9. Bad detergent.
  10. The water level sensor is defective.

A clogged drain pump filter

Normally, the machine filters the water before it enters the drain pump. If the pump filter is so clogged that it stops letting water through, there will be no drainage, and the machine will stop with water in the drum. Remember that the pump filter must be cleaned periodically!

Samsung washer wont drain

If the model of your washing machine includes a plug for the filter, you first need to unscrew it, and only then the filter itself. Unscrew carefully, especially if using tweezers or pliers, so as not to deform the filter housing. You need to twist counterclockwise with gentle but constant pressure.

Remove large debris, foreign objects, clumps of hair, and fur by hand. We recommend using rubber gloves. The filter cap can be cleaned with a regular sponge. If it consists of two meshes, you need to remove one of them and rinse all parts thoroughly in running water. Make sure that the water is slightly warm and under no circumstances hot; otherwise, the filter cap may become deformed, and the sealing cuff may become less elastic and, as a result, cause a leak.

The drain hose is kinked or crushed

A damaged drain hose could be another cause of your Samsung washer not draining. It is vital to ensure the proper functioning of this component, as the drain hose is accountable for transferring the water from the washing machine into your home’s drainage system.

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Examine the connection between the washing machine and the water supply for any indications of damage or loose connections to see whether this is the root of your issue. The drain hose may have been dropped or kinked by someone in the household. Inspect the entire length of the hose; if you find any kinks, straighten the drain hose.

Clogged sewer

Most often, the clog occurs in the sink siphon, which in most cases connects the machine drain. Disconnect the hose from the sewer and put the free end into the bathroom. Turn on the program. If the water drains normally, the reason is really in the clogged sewer. It is necessary to clean it, either by yourself or with the help of a plumber.

Samsung washer wont drain

A one-time module failure has occurred

Sometimes, for reasons independent of the user, the washing machine “hangs.”. It is necessary to restart the washing machine. To do this, disconnect your Samsung from the power supply for 10–15 minutes. If, after switching on, the problem disappears, the matter is a one-time failure, and the machine can be used as usual.

The program without drain is selected

Almost all modern Samsung CMAs have modes of washing with water. When you load Samsung washer you select the washing mode, which is “delicate fabrics” and “wool.”. If you have selected such a mode, simply switch the washing machine to the drain program.

The heating element of the Samsung washing machine


The heating element can influence this failure. Before draining the water, the program must heat it. If this does not happen, it will not drain but will endlessly wash for a long time, trying to heat it, so you get such a failure.

Electronics in Samsung washing machine

The control unit gives a command to the pump to turn on. If there is a malfunction in the electronic module or a failure in the software, the machine will not go to the drain. It is necessary to remove the control board and carefully inspect it for electrical and mechanical damage. It should be said that this breakdown is very difficult to repair, it is impossible to cope with it at home, and it is necessary to contact a service center.

Samsung 8800

Signal breakage in the electric wiring of the drain pump. Probably due to vibrations during the operation of the washing machine, the wires have frayed or the contacts have come loose, burned out, or oxidized. In the private sector, the wiring is often damaged by mice and rats. You can also find out what you need to do to balance your washing machine.

Overloading of laundry

If you put on washing by weight more than it is supposed to. It may trigger overload protection, and water drain and spinning will not turn on. Carefully read the instructions for your model of the machine and weigh the laundry before putting it in the wash.

Samsung washer wont drain

Other causes Samsung washer wont drain water

Samsung drain pump problems

Due to the ingress of debris into the pump, it fails: either the motor burns out (you can’t hear the sounds of the pump working, and the water doesn’t leave), or the impeller blades break (the motor hums, but the water leaves slowly or doesn’t leave at all).

In the vast majority of cases, it is the breakdown of the Samsung drain pump problems that leads to a lack of draining water in Samsung.

Signs and method of elimination. Samsung washing machines hang on washing or rinsing and do not drain. The noise of the drain pump is not heard, or it hums, but there is no drain. Codes may appear on the screen 5Е, Е2, 5С. A defective pump must be replaced with a new one.

Samsung washer wont drain

Drain line in the Samsung washing machine

Drain line problems are probably caused by a blockage in the drain pipe, drain filter, pump, or drain hose.

Signs and method of elimination. You can hear the drain pump running; it is trying to pump out water, but it is still standing in the tank. Codes may appear on screens 5E, E2, and 5C.

The master carries out diagnostics of the drainage path, finds the place of clogging, and eliminates it.


The control module has failed

Likely, individual radio electrical components on the board or tracks in the drain pump circuit have burned out. Occasionally, the processor burns out. Most often, boards fail due to power surges or moisture.

Signs and method of elimination. Samsung washing machine do not drain water or drain it once.

It is required to carry out diagnostics of the control module. Based on its results, the master:

  • replaces burnt-out radio elements with new ones;
  • solder faulty tracks and contacts;
  • in the event of large damage to the control unit, for example, if the processor is burned out, the board is replaced with a new one.
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The water level sensor is broken

This is responsible for determining the amount of water in the tank. It is likely that the pressostat hose has come loose or is damaged, or that the sensor itself is stuck in the “empty tank” position. For this reason, the control unit considers that there is no water in the machine and does not start draining.

Signs and method of elimination. The Samsung washing machine stopped with water at the stage of washing or rinsing. Perhaps the IE, E7, or 1C codes are lit on the screen.

The master conducts a diagnosis of the press start and:

  • puts in place or replaces the hose of the level sensor;
  • if the sensor itself is broken, completely replace the unit with a new one.


The malfunction of any electronics at home is not a good thing. Samsung washer wont drain, which is a common cause of failure in washing machines. You can try to solve it yourself, but we recommend contacting a specialist in your city. Draining properly won’t keep you waiting. You can also find out more information if your Samsung washer wont drain water.

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