How to get rid of burn marks on clothes from dryer

A clothes dryer is a convenient device that will save you free time after washing. But sometimes there are cases where there are burn marks on clothes from dryer. It’s so convenient to transfer wet items from the washing machine, put them in the dryer, and take them out to dry.

Drying things on the street or in an apartment takes a lot of time, and you also need space for this. And this is inconvenient if you have a small apartment. But sometimes the dryer burn marks your clothes. We recommend that you immediately contact equipment repair to avoid malfunctions. In this article, we will figure out how to remove dryer burn marks and possible causes of dryer malfunction.

Burn marks on clothes from dryer: how to clean?

You will need an iron, an ironing board, three percent hydrogen peroxide, and a white cloth to wipe the burn marks on clothes from dryer.

burn marks on clothes from dryer

  1. Heat the iron. To find out the right temperature for your garment, check the label.
  2. Place the garment flat on the ironing board.
  3. Use the 3% hydrogen peroxide to moisten the burn spot.
  4. Give the hydrogen peroxide five minutes to fully absorb. Reapply the hydrogen peroxide if you notice that the area is becoming dry.
  5. Lay the white cloth over the wet, stained area. To transfer the dryer burn mark onto the material, place the iron on top of it.
  6. After giving the soiled area a thorough rinse, immediately launder it with detergent.

To avoid the recurrence of the problem, check whether the preset temperature is correct. There should be signs on your clothes that will tell you the appropriate temperature to dry them. If the problem persists, check out common problems with dryer burns on clothing.

Why dryer burn marks on clothes?

Filling up dryer drum

The dryer may be operating too hot due to a clog in the vent. Your garments will overheat if there is an accumulation of lint and debris in the vent. To clean the vents of lint and other debris, use a vacuum. Overloading your dryer might cause your clothes to tumble incorrectly, and some of them often come into contact with the hot dryer drum glides, which can burn your clothes.

burn marks on clothes from dryer


The dryer drum is supported by roller wheels that have an inside rim made of plastic and an outer rim made of hard rubber. These rollers have a self-lubricating bearing in the middle. The rubber gradually deteriorates if the bearing fails. This causes a gap to open up between the drum and the dryer. It is possible for your clothing to become tangled, causing permanent discoloration, tears, and black stains.

Additionally, this gap may cause the dryer’s thermostat to malfunction and read the incorrect temperature setting. Certain materials may burn if the dryer is set too hot. Whenever the dryer runs, you’ll frequently hear an odd rumble that indicates a worn-out roller that is burning your garments.

Why do they appear as burn marks on clothes from dryer?

Glides in front

There may be nylon or plastic slides on the front of your dryer to support the drum. When they wear out, the dryer drum may slip a little, creating a space where your garments may get snagged. When the glides wear out, black scars that mimic burns and rips are prevalent. Appliance parts retailers sell replacement slides in pairs, and even if only one seems worn, both should be changed. You can also find out what to do if your LG dryer does not work.

Thermostat that cycles

A cycling thermostat that isn’t working properly might be the cause of burn scars on your clothes, although this is rare. The cycling thermostat cycles between turning on and off the heat to keep the dryer at a set temperature.

 burn marks on clothes from dryer

When the temperature goes too high, the dryer’s cycling thermostat lowers it by opening and disconnecting the electrical connection to the heat source. A drop in temperature causes it to shut down again, boosting the heating element’s heat output. If the thermostat on your dryer is malfunctioning, it might be running at extremely high temperatures, which could scorch marks clothes. You can also find out more reasons why burn marks on clothes from dryer.

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